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Flash and Goldie

Zero Waste Heat Mat

Zero Waste Heat Mat

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Upcycled fabric scraps to create zero waste heat mat.

Cotton scrapes used to make heat mat 

Layers of cotton fabric plus metalised poly batting protect surfaces or you from hot dishes or plates.

Protect your benches, tables, lap with, 'The Zero Waste Heat Mat' is made from combining scape cotton fabrics. 

The patchwork designs are reflective of the amounts of left over fabric utilised in other projects.

The mat has a number of layers to ensure high insulation. Layered between the other cotton design is a layer of cotton batting plus a layer of metalised poly insulated batting. 

Use the mat on a table or bench under hot dishes or on your lap under a hot plate.

Dimension: 42cm x 42cm (length x wide) 
Note: Sizes vary slightly due to the fabrics remnants available

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